Six Sigma personnel recruiting and hiring services - Champions, Master Black Belts and Black Belts and Green Belts.

Six Sigma Staffing & Recruiting

Six Sigma staffing services, provided by IT Staffing & Recruiting, are designed to help our clients identify, evaluate and hire Six Sigma specialists for their strategic business management projects. Six Sigma, by its very nature, is a project-based approach to measuring quality and improving upon business methodologies and processes to an extent that strives for perfection. A Six Sigma project is, therefore, generally undertaken by Six Sigma personnel who are highly trained and intimately familiar with the Six Sigma process. Such specialists go by various designations depending on their level of expertise and their specific duties. At IT Staffing & Recruiting, we provide Six Sigma specialists at every level and with every conceivable Six Sigma skillset and knowledge base, including expertise with Six Sigma support software:

  • Six Sigma Champions
  • Six Sigma Master Black Belts
  • Black Belts
  • Green Belts
  • EngineRoom
  • iGrafx
  • JMP
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Minitab
  • Actuate
  • The Unscrambler

Six Sigma Tools and Methodologies

Six Sigma is a highly disciplined and data-driven approach that seeks to eliminate problems and limitations in manufacturing and transactional processes. There are two primary Six Sigma methodologies that are typically used, including DMAIC (define, measure, analyze, improve, control) and DMADV (define, measure, analyze, design, verify). Specialists in Six Sigma range from Champions, who typically oversee and monitor progress and processes, to Green Belts, who are typically responsible for implementation under the direction of a Black Belt.