Lawson staffing services and highly-qualified Lawson/IT employment candidates - contract and permanent placements for employers seeking Lawson software specialists.

Lawson & ERP Staffing Services

IT Staffing & Recruiting regularly works with a number of highly-skilled IT candidates with an in-depth understanding of Lawson Software products, including the M3 and S3 ERP lines for vertical markets. Employers seeking candidates to work on a project or on a permanent basis can rest assured that the talent with which we work on a regular basis are intimately familiar with Lawson software products as well as the databases and servers than typically run this client/server application pool. Some of the servers with which our specialists generally work on behalf of clients with ERP projects are NT/2000, Unix, Domino, AS/400 and Alpha.

Some of the Lawson software specialties and ERP skillsets for which we provide personnel and contract employees include:

  • Lawson Insight
  • Non-Lawson MRP Integration
  • Healthcare, Retail, Public Sector Applications
  • Lawson APIs
  • S3 - Staff, Source and Serve
  • M3 - Make, Move and Maintain
  • Servers: NT/2000, Unix, AS/400, Domino, Alpha
  • General Lawson ERP

Lawson M3 and S3 For Enterprise Resource Planning

Lawson Software is one of the world's foremost provider of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software applications. Lawson products are designed to work for specific vertical markets, including health care, retail, public sector, professional services and financial services. Such companies with specific ERP staffing needs can contact IT Staffing & Recruiting to attain contract-based and permanent placement employees to work on such projects, including architecture, database design and administration, maintenance and general ERP implementation. Lawson ERP Software, now generally divided in M3 and S3 lines after the company's acquisition of Intentia, saw Intentia's Movex product transformed into the M3 line for manufacturing concerns, with M3 meaning "Make, Move and Maintain," while the S3 line is designed for service industries and means "Staff, Source and Serve."