Java applications developers, Java Servlet and Applet coders and J2EE platform specialists - hire IT personnel on a contract or permanent basis with IT Staffing & Recruiting.

Java IT Personnel, Staffing Services

IT Staffing & Recruiting provides nationwide personnel recruiting services for clients in the IT industry as well as companies requiring IT talent for temporary projects and permanent placements. Our Java personnel are experience coders who often have a knowledge of both Java and other similar programming languages like C and C++. They are also intimately familiar with servlets and applets, as well as creating custom Javascript for client-side integration with HTML pages, and the J2EE platform.

Some of the Java coding projects and personnel positions for which we provide IT staffing services include:

  • Java Client/Server Processing
  • Java Applets and Servlets
  • J2EE Application Servers
  • Cross-Platform Porting
  • Java Platform Servlets
  • Java 2
  • JSP for Web Applications
  • Portable Devices, Jini

Java Applets and Applications

Java is an object-oriented programming language and is most valued for its platform independent status. That status makes it easily "portable" between platforms, meaning porting from one hardware environment to another will not require "re-coding" the application. Originally developed by Sun and based on C++, Java is now used in a vast array of applications. Java, often called from web pages, can also run in a standalone environment. When called from a web page, however, the program is referred to as a Java "applet" and a Java "servlet" when running on a web server. Javascript, on the other hand, is a simple scripting language (rather than a programming language unto itself, as Java is) that is most often embedded into HTML or XHTML code and executed on the user-side, meaning that it is browser-dependent.

J2EE, Write Once Run Anywhere

Java has made some inroads to client-side applications, but has found much greater success on the server-side. J2EE server applications, for example, are so flexible that they can often be developed independently from any specific platform and then tweaked to run on Unix or Windows servers (or others). As a result, Java tends to be essentially the most pure "write once, run anywhere" language available.