Providing ASP staffing services and highly-qualified IT talent and coders for ASP-based and ASP.Net coding projects and web application development.

ASP Staffing Services

By providing our clients with top-flight talent in the IT space, IT Staffing & Recruiting ensures the success of application development and other IT-related, mission-critical projects. We provide ASP (Active Server Pages) and ASP.Net coders and programmers to work on web applications and related projects on a temporary (contract) basis or for full-time, ongoing positions. Our ASP staffing services are based on the unique knowledge and experience possessed by our core of IT personnel and we provide IT recruiting services across the U.S.

ASP specialties and skill subsets typical of our IT personnel:

  • Web Applications using Active Server Pages
  • ASP.Net / ASP+
  • VBScript, JScript
  • IIS Servers, SQL Server
  • General ISAPI Programs

ASP.Net Development

Active Server Pages (ASP for short) is a web server technology created by Microsoft to allow for communication between a database and HTML pages. In the ASP and ASP.Net environment, web pages are coded in HTML and include embedded code written in either Jscript or VBScript which, in turn, communicates directly with a database or other program. ASP is essentially a scripting language that allows for the delivery of dynamic web pages, such as those used for displaying a product database, collection of articles or other information, or essentially any type of data. ASP and ASP.Net (also referred to as ASP+) work on Microsoft IIS servers but can also be modified to work with non-Microsoft servers. ASPs are essentially Microsoft's version of CGI scripts or JavaServer pages (JSPs). ASP.NET/ASP+ is simply an enhanced version of ASP that is designed to function within the .NET platform.