.Net coding specialists and IT candidates - .Net staffing services on a contract and permanent basis.

.Net Staffing & Recruiting Services

.Net, as one of the major scripting languages of the Web (ASP.Net or ASP+) as well as a stable framework for application and website development, is among the most popular contexts for web and application development projects of both IT companies and non-tech companies with specific technical application and custom software needs. IT Staffing & Recruiting provides highly-skilled .Net employment candidates, all of whom are thoroughly vetted before going on contracts for our clients and many of whom work consistently with our clients from one contract to another. We also offer permanent placements for IT candidates, and in particular for .Net coders/developers. Among the specialties that we provide .Net staffing for include (but are by no means limited to):

  • .Net Web/Application Development
  • SOAP-based Web Services
  • COM Component Software Model
  • WinFX API (Vista programming interface)
  • .Net/CLI

The .Net Framework from Microsoft

Microsoft's .Net framework is complete with multiple "languages," including C#, J#, Managed C++, JScript.Net and VB.Net (Visual Basic .NET). In addition, a number of additional languages have been modified to fit as CLI languages. The .Net development platform is so widely used that it is by some reckonings the de facto platform of the Web and a direct competitor to the Java J2EE software programming environment. .Net applications and projects vary widely, meaning that developers are often required to exhibit a number of other skills. Familiarity with the WinFX API and the COM component software model are especially crucial.